Far West Roofing Contractors Utah

A History of Far West Roofing

A History of Far West Roofing

Doug Cooper

Doug Cooper is married and has 9 children. His wife’s name is Monica she has a bachelors degree in Geography and they met while in college and have been married for 25 years. Doug was born and raised in South Africa Studied business at College of has a bachelors degree in Geography. Doug also served in the South African Air Force. His Family is LDS and he did his missionary service in Johannesburg, South Africa his companion was his best friend Olin.

Olin Van Der Wat

Olin is married with 7 children his wife’s name is Carrie and she is a Licensed Practical Nurse. One of his hobbies are stocks and bonds trading. His Family is LDS and he did his missionary service in Johannesburg, South Africa his companion was his best friend Doug.

Far West Roofing, Inc. 1993

Doug and Olin came to Utah in 1993 and began Far West Roofing, Inc. at that time they it was just the 2 of them and they worked as a 2 man team for 3 years before making the decision to hire employees at this time because they had grown to a point that they could no longer keep up with roofing work and family responsibilities.

Far West Roofing, Inc. now

Far West Roofing now has over 40 employees and along the way purchased their own equipment such as Cranes and Dump Trucks… Doug and Olin believe that the main reason for their success is because they are Honest and Hard Working. They give every potential customer an honest assessment  of their roofs condition rather than try and convince them that they need a new roof, and when they are doing a roof no mater if its a small repair or a large commercial project they never cut corners they use the best materials and they personally train all the employees to install the materials according to the manufacturers specifications.

Doug & Olin Treat Their Employees Well

Doug and Olin pay their employees above the average rate and their Foreman have trucks and phones provided by Far West Roofing they get bonuses at the end of the year and because of this they remain loyal employees that are willing to do their very best on every roofing project.

Giving Back to the Comunity

Far West Roofing gives back to the community in many ways. They devote many hours to the Boy Scout organisation as well as build homes for low income immigrant families.

Far West Roofing Has Done Business With

Some of the more well known companies that they have provided services for are. Zions Bank, Mike Hale Acura, Property Management Systems, Integrated Builders Group, Boyer Hill Military Housing, Hill Air-force Base and The LDS Church.